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For fuck's sake, Google is not "secretly" tracking your location

Another day, another super-secret conspiracy exposed through the powers of social media. As the fearless sleuths of the Internet have discovered, Google is quietly tracking where you are!

I'm not even surprised anymore that this started yet another wave of fear-mongering and whining.

Okay, here's a clue... it's a feature. A well-advertised feature. It used to be an easily accessible option in the old version of the Google Maps app, and anybody who had the sense to check their Google Dashboard would immediately see the "Location History" section.

Oh yeah, and you could check the system settings of your phone under "Location" to find the option to disable it:

Android phones even ask you when you boot them for the first time whether or not you want location-based services enabled.

It's actually a cool feature - I'm a sucker for data and record-keeping, so it's nice to have this information available. Also, you can choose to let Google Now use t…

Finding a purpose

If the 18 month hiatus since the last post didn't make it obvious already, I had second thoughts about making this blog a simple dumping ground for Google+ posts.

So here's the new plan - I'll proceed with the plan to put existing Google+ content here (the fact that some of the posts will be over a year old will be a good indicator that they're timeless enough to warrant being included here).

However, I will primarily use this blog for posts that this format was originally intended for - more lengthy write-ups with lots of supplemental media. Meaning: Long text and a bunch of pictures.

There are several topics I want to focus on. The first one that comes to mind will be home improvement tips to make your pad more efficient - be it in electricity usage, water, or just random gadgets to make it nicer. Because this is what I happened to be doing quite a bit recently.