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Windows? OS X? Linux? All garbage.

I've been using computers almost every day since 1984, starting with a Sinclair Spectrum, doing the inevitable long Amiga stretch, then finally giving in to using Windows, later becoming a wannabe cool kid and switching to OS X, with various Linux distributions inbetween. My conclusion? Operating systems suck. All of them. They're horrible.
For the past four years, I've been using Ubuntu at home and Windows at work, and I'm close to switching back to Windows again now that I've discovered the beauty of Cygwin. Not that I'm happy about it, Windows is terrible. But the alternatives are worse.
What's absolutely baffling is this smugness that comes with using an alternative operating system. Apple users of course feel like they have some gold-plated premium system that sets them apart from all that riff-raff. Linux users think of themselves as hardcore hackers straight from a William Gibson novel and scoff at the ignorance of people who click on the "X&qu…

Oh no, Lake Oroville is running over!

Lake Oroville is an important reservoir in Northern California, and if you look at satellite images, you'll notice a disturbing trend - it's filling up with more and more water, and soon it might overflow!

Back in 2008, the lake was very dry:

However, thanks to record rainfalls triggered by traditional rain dances that were held by various indigenous tribes, water started trickling in over the years. 2009 already looked better:

2010 continued the trend:

2011 brought a big sigh of relief:

Unfortunately, the tribes have not stopped their incessant rain dances, and if the government doesn't intervene soon and prevent them by force from provoking more rain, we'll be looking at this artists' rendition of Lake Oroville in 2016:

Now you've probably seen the dramatic "before and after" pictures of Lake Oroville that have been shared over social media again and again, and even our local water district is using those images to illustrate the drought.

And I agre…