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Saving Time

Did you see that German 1986 movie "Momo"? No? Good for you, because it sucked ass.

But there was one scene that could have almost been good - one of the bad guys (some weird suit-clad businessmen who feed on time or some garbage like that) demonstrates to an unsuspecting shop owner that he's wasting his time.

He calculates how many seconds the 42-year-old subject has lived so far (about 1.3 billion), then subtracts the amount of seconds he has spent sleeping, working, eating, visiting and talking to his elderly nearly deaf mother, and other activities he considers "empty", to reveal the net sum of zero. His suggestion is to save time by cutting out useless time wasters.

I'll skip the rest because it quickly gets stupid right after that, but the core idea isn't that bad - you have a limited amount of time per day, and you need to make smart decisions on how to use it. People often boast how they had "some time to kill". What the hell? My time …