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Kids Books: Casting Pearl Before Swine

We want our kids to read a lot, and as such, I'm exposed to a lot of kids books.

And there sure is a lot of garbage out there. I guess it's tempting to jump into the game of making kids books since children have such low standards. Draw a rainbow on a cardboard box and they're happy! Even Keith Richards is trying his luck.

But then, there are some books that are flat-out amazing. I'll start right off with one of my favorites: Come Back Soon by Daniel Schallau. The cover art doesn't even do it justice - every page is full of meticulously drawn images that are so detailed that you need a magnifying glass to appreciate every element.

Dr. Seuss, of course, is the master of words, and to this day seems to be the only author who knows what a verse meter is. His drawings, while not of the highest quality, are extremely creative.

On the other end of the spectrum, there is stuff by Todd Parr, like this one. Sure, he probably had lots of discussions with his editor about how…