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Dreams My Master: Preproduction ends

This is part 4 of the journey. Start at page 1. And please check out the Kickstarter and consider backing it!

Production design

Production design is essential to telling a story, even more so in Dreams My Master, where we have two storylines that take place in different environments. The groundwork of course came from Daniel and Maris, who found two locations that looked very different. But then we had Michelle for production design who took care of all the details.

I had all these images in my head about what things were supposed to look like, and Michelle did a remarkable job making things work with a minimum budget - the entire project was already much more expensive than I originally imagined.

Michelle got very creative with adding the bare minimum of props to a set to give it a distinct look. Jeff finished it off by lighting the scenes very differently.

It was exacerbated by the fact that we didn't really have locations until days for the shoot, which made planning next to impo…