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Dreams My Master: Complications

Welcome to part 3 of the journey behind Dreams My Master. Please be sure to begin with part 1.

Audio, if that's your thing:

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Please look at the Kickstarter page and consider backing this project. Anything helps.


Let's talk some more about the casting process. As I mentioned, casting is my favorite part - that's when the story comes to life for the first time. Until that point, you only see your script, read it in your head, show it to friends, but in the end, it's just words.

Auditions turn this into a completely different experience - you see one talented actor after another, each one taking your words and making them come alive. You see them analyze the lines you wrote word by word, looking for the meaning behind them and finding ways to express them with a certain intonation and gestures. I remember experiencing this in Appreciation and being blown away. That's also where I got my first sense of how much actors re…

Dreams My Master: Preproduction

This is part two of the story about how Dreams My Master came to be. Click here for part 1.

Again, you have the choice to hear this as an interview here:

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It's now April 2015. I have a script that I feel will work, I have Daniel Pico on board who also produced my previous short. Preproduction involves a lot of ground work - tons of paperwork, tons of location scouting, etc. Dreams My Master was a lot more involved than Appreciation - it has scenes in two homes, in a theme park, in a public park, and more.

I also decided that I want to shoot in Los Angeles - that's where all the cast and crew is, and I didn't want to make them come down to San Diego and stay in a hotel like last time, I figured they'd be a lot happier if they can go home at the end of each day. That of course meant that it was up to Daniel to find locations.

We had Maris Lidaka join in as co-producer, he was 2nd AD on Appreciation and happened to be pla…

Dreams My Master: The Journey

Unless the feed algorithm of whatever social media you use was merciful enough to hide all of my recent posts, you've probably noticed that I shot my second short film and am currently doing a crowdfunding campaign for it (

I'll use this blog as a companion piece to walk through the development of the project, from start to finish. It was an interesting journey - is, really, we're not done yet, and it's entertaining enough to share.

We'll begin with the first stage, getting the script together.

You can read about it, or you can listen to my talented wife interview me about it: 

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Before Dreams My Master

You may be familiar with my previous work, Appreciation. It was my first real short. I've done little film things here and there before, including a little late-night experiment I randomly did with a friend on a whim back in 2000 that ended up getting scree…