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Fasting - the art of not eating

You can have many excuses to starve yourself - be it for religious reasons, to cleanse your body, or just to lose weight.

I'll focus on the last one (with a hint of the cleansing as well, although that one is a bit bogus). You can go about it in several ways - you can try the real deal, or just intermittent fasting.
The Real Fasting
If you mean business, you'll stop eating almost completely for several days, if not weeks. I've done it twice, and it's actually quite cool. But I was in my early 20s at that point, which made it a lot easier. I should warn you up front that many nutritionists consider it unhealthy. But let's look at it.
First off, you need to get your body into it. You can't just stop eating immediately, your body will demand food and you'll give up. You need to spend two days slowly getting off the monkey. A good way is to just eat fruit during that period.
And then it begins. For the duration of the fast, you cannot take any sugar, dairy, alco…