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The Purpose

I've been rambling about the purpose of this blog before. You want a purpose? Here it is.

There'll be several topics across the posts. Among them, there'll be stuff about
FilmmakingAndroidEVsMud runsParentingVideo gamesHome improvementGreen/Treehugger topicsRandom stuff Even though I'm jumping on this whole social media train right now and am going through the motions just to see how it is, I have so far resisted the incredibly annoying "please like and share and subscribe" pleas. I'm just assuming that standard etiquette has been pretty much established across the Internet by now, and people will share posts if they deem them worth reading, even without being prompted to so.

However, I'll do it this one time - if you enjoy something, consider sharing it. Having a lively audience is what makes writing enjoyable and rewarding. Follow me. Like me. +1 me. etc etc etc.

Anyway, this should be the last meta post for a while. I have enough content lined up no…

Collecting rainwater

One theme of this blog will be about "green projects" to save money and/or not be a dick. Let's start with an easy one: Get some rain barrels.

Most hardware stores carry them, but don't get them from there - they usually come with a huge markup. Spend some time to look for specialized places in the area. We got ours from some place in Lemon Grove, 30 miles away, but they cost less than half the price at the nearby Home Depot.
Before you even get too excited about this project, keep in mind that if you live in California, having 20 rainy days per year means that you won't get much water. Don't expect wonders here. You'll be lucky if you even get a thousand gallons of gray water in a year.
Putting them up is technically easy: You just put them under the downspout of your rain gutters. Oh wait, you don't have gutters? Get some. It seems to be common in California to save that expense, but you'll be better off in the long run if you get your home retr…