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Do your damn research

I remember a game show from a long time ago, maybe early 90s or so, where the contestants were given a few extremely obscure questions and had an hour to come up with the answers. This typically involved calling some of their academic friends and have them reach out to others who might know something about this topic.

Today, each show would last all but a few seconds. Candidate gets the topic, does a Google search, has the answer. Done.

Over the past few decades, it's gotten infinitely easier to tap into the great knowledge of the world. Google and Wikipedia make it easy to get an answer to any question one might possibly have.

Everybody has a threshold of how far they'd go to achieve what they want to do. It used to be that it took quite an effort to get an answer, and people often simply didn't want to go through the trouble and gave up. These days, the amount of work required has been reduced significantly, the bar has been lowered.

So what do people do? They get lazier…