Finding a purpose

If the 18 month hiatus since the last post didn't make it obvious already, I had second thoughts about making this blog a simple dumping ground for Google+ posts.

So here's the new plan - I'll proceed with the plan to put existing Google+ content here (the fact that some of the posts will be over a year old will be a good indicator that they're timeless enough to warrant being included here).

However, I will primarily use this blog for posts that this format was originally intended for - more lengthy write-ups with lots of supplemental media. Meaning: Long text and a bunch of pictures.

There are several topics I want to focus on. The first one that comes to mind will be home improvement tips to make your pad more efficient - be it in electricity usage, water, or just random gadgets to make it nicer. Because this is what I happened to be doing quite a bit recently.


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